Research has linked many chemicals in common use to cancer and hormone disruption. The effects of hormone disruptors have been associated with a myriad of problems in laboratory studies.

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Testing + Chemical Policy

While several companies have begun to jump off BPA based plastics, many are pursuing new plastics and materials that have not been properly tested. Thinkbaby and Thinksport employs the precautionary principle when choosing materials to work with.  read more

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are foreign chemicals which have the ability to mimic natural hormones in the body. These foreign chemicals, known as xeno compounds, have the ability to bind to receptors, both on the external membrane...  read more

The Straight Goop On Sunscreen

With summer upon us, even if it doesn’t quite seem like it, folks need to start thinking about sunscreen. Okay, let’s dispel that concept first. UVA rays are the same whether it’s January or August, so you should consider sunscreen as a year-round effort, just like brushing your teeth.  read more

Reef Safe Sun Safe

There is a lot of momentum around rooting out chemicals in sunscreen that have been linked to coral reef damage.  The science relates to a grouping of chemicals that are found in a vast majority of chemical based sunscreens. As such they have recently become...  read more

How We Build

Understanding our build process for a certain product, starts with how we identify potential products to launch.  For Think, it starts with our background in understanding material and ingredient safety.  We ask the question of whether we can make...  read more

What is EWG? Why We Care

We proudly display our EWG Verified symbol, because to us your health is our priority. It's more than just a symbol we add to our packaging, it's a symbol that represents transparency and pride for the integrity of the ingredients we put in our products that you use every day... read more