Addressing the growing concern of harmful chemicals leaching from consumer products through the development of alternative products.

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We are guided by the Precautionary Principle for everything that we build. With over a decade of leadership in product safety, Thinkbaby works with leading institutions and scientists to develop products. We don’t jump on an ingredient or material, just because it is free of another ingredient. It is imperative to us that our products are safe to make, safe to use and do not harm the environment. We continue to expand our focus by targeting products of concern.


Nobody wants to buy something that is just safe. You want products that are rich in function. In our process of building solutions, we are continually looking for ways to innovate products. As an example, we pioneered the ability to transform from baby bottle to sippy cup to straw bottle. This not only save parents money, but also reduces environmental impact.


In selecting our materials, Thinkbaby produces products that have very long lifecycles and passed along to the next little one. We also select materials that can be recycled, including our packaging. Thinkbaby has never used plastic packaging. We are commited to further addressing the impact of consumer products on the environment. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.