Dr. Jeannette Jakus Pediatric Dermatology

Dr. Jeannette Jakus | MD, MBA, FAAD, FAAP | New York, NY

Dr. Jakus is a board-certified dermatologist trained in the treatment of a full spectrum of skin disorders with a specialized expertise in pediatric dermatology, a unique focus on pediatric and adolescent skin conditions. A lifelong New Yorker, Dr. Jakus graduated from Columbia College at Columbia University with a double major in Premedical Sciences and Economics and received her medical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.

She completed a pediatrics residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center and a dermatology residency and pediatric dermatology fellowship at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. She is one of the few physicians in the region to be triple board-certified in pediatrics, dermatology and pediatric dermatology. Dr. Jakus also has a MBA from Columbia Business School, and she is the inaugural recipient of the American Academy of Dermatology Translational Biotechnology Fellowship in Sophia Antipolis, France.

In addition, Dr. Jakus is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She also is an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the Society of Pediatric Dermatology, the Women's Dermatologic Society, the Acne and Rosacea Society, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Think's Ask the Doctor


"All in all, I really love the THINK line of products because I can trust that they are safe and don't have to think and worry about the ingredients. As a mom of two young(ish) kids and dermatologist, I love that they use safe and nature based ingredients for all my patients and personal needs.

The products are safe, effective and look, smell and feel nice on the skin. The unscented products are also nice options to recommend to my patients with sensitive skin. Finally, the unscented deodorant and anti-chafing stick are two products that fill an unmet need for my patients."

Dermatologist Recommended Body Care by Dr. Jakus


"So many of my patients, especially millennials and teens are asking for natural products including deodorants. The think line of products fulfills this need. In addition, the aluminum free formulation and in particular the unscented bar, is a great option for those with sensitive skin and allergies who might not be able to tolerate other deodorants out there.

From my own personal experience with my young pre-teen son, I think this is a great introductory product with safe ingredients that I feel comfortable with him wearing. THIS, is the product I've been missing from my patient toolbox!!"

"I only recommend physical sunscreens to my patients and love that this is 20% zinc oxide. Also love the stick as it is so easy to apply when all my kids want to do is run away"

"I had yet to find the perfect solution to after a long day at the pool and this one has two in one! A shampoo and body wash that gently and effectively cleanses skin and hair with ingredients that I can trust!"

"I love the smell. My daughter literally screamed in delight when she saw all the bubbles!! and I was happy not have to worry about harmful ingredients"

"Not sticky, rubs in nicely to protect the skin without making a mess"