Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are foreign chemicals which have the ability to mimic natural hormones in the body. These foreign chemicals, known as xeno compounds, have the ability to bind to receptors, both on the external membrane of cells or on receptors in the nucleus. In some instances, the xeno compounds block your body's natural hormones from doing their job. In other instances, they cause the cell to initiate the hormonal receptor's particular function. What troubles scientists is not only the increased rate at which cells are being triggered, but the timing, as the processes that take place in the body are highly sensitive.

Recent scientific research is changing previously held notions that the "Dose Makes the Poison". The earlier held thought was that if a little is bad, a lot is much worse. Instead, laboratory studies show hormone disrupting chemicals exhibit the opposite phenomenon. Whereby, minute quantities of these chemicals cause adverse effects in laboratory animals, and large amounts can have a smaller effect.

Industry has completed roughly 15 studies attempting to discredit worldwide research (over 100 studies) which show alarming effects on laboratory animals. Conducting conclusive studies would require testing on pregnant mothers and infants which would be unethical. Instead of waiting for more science, parents are switching to alternative products.

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