Why are the ingredients listed on the previous packaging different from those listed on the new packaging?

With our new packaging refresh, we have enhanced the accuracy of our ingredient listings to be in accordance with the international labeling conventions, EWG ratings, and to add more transparency. We are merely listing existing ingredients under their intended use to be more accurate of their function in our formulas.

What are natural fragrance oils composed of?

Each natural fragrance oil is made up of single aromatic chemical components called isolates that are plant derived (I.e., linalyl acetate, linalool, limonene, and coumarin) and designated by the International Organization for Standardization as natural. When combined with other isolates from a variety of different aromatic materials, the result is a complex, unique, and interesting scent. 

Is there a fragrance-free sunscreen option?

Yes. Our Think Baby Clear Zinc Sunscreen SPF30 is fragrance-free.

Is Think under new ownership?

In 2020, Think came under the umbrella portfolio of Topix Skin Health, a leader in Dermaceuticals. Since then, Think continues to produce clean, healthy, and safe products for the brand’s ever-growing customer base.  Our in-house team and FDA-approved manufacturing facility allows for greater control over our ingredients, their quality, and where they are sourced.

Think has the added investment to thrive and grow under the same ethos it was founded on, which is to offer safe, science-led, and dermatologist-recommended products for you and your entire family.

What are EWG ratings?

We are actively working with EWG to further improve the ratings of our sunscreen products. Our sunscreens are formulated to be EWG-safe and free of harmful chemicals for all consumers.