A Word From Our Founder

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From a Grassroots Start…

Think was started with one mission: to offer families safer alternatives to the everyday products they used for their children.

Upon his discovery of the alarming presence of BPA, an endocrine disrupter, in popular baby products, think’s founder, Kevin Brodwick, set out to revolutionize the industry.  Brodwick, who was well known for his extensive experience working in a lab funded by the National Institutes of Health, attempted to raise awareness among corporations, but their indifference left him astonished.  Brodwick therefore decided to create his own line of non-toxic baby products prioritizing health and safety- and Think was born. 

… To The #1 Baby Suncare Brand*

Leveraging connections established along his journey, Kevin inspired top scientists and physicians and together they embarked on a mission to create suncare products containing safe and clean ingredients, prioritizing consumer’s well-being. 

Today, thinksun has become an industry leader in providing trusted sun protection made with good-for-you ingredients for you and your family.

Our Belief

We believe that everybody—from babies to grandparents—deserves the best when it comes to safe and protected fun in the sun. That's why we've formulated a range of dermatologist-recommended mineral SPFs that are perfect for every stage of life.

Our water-resistant sunscreens contain gentle and nourishing ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, Parabens, Oxybenzone and Avobenzone, so you can feel good about applying it on even the most sensitive skin types, such as baby’s delicate skin.

From our best-selling thinkbaby sunscreen lotions that have visible coverage (so you never miss a spot!), to our no-fuss, non-aerosol Sunscreen Sprays for active kids, to our on-the-go Sunscreen Sticks that fit in your pocket for effortless re-application anytime, anywhere, thinksun is a no-brainer for making suncare a family affair!

Sending sunny smiles and warm hugs to your whole crew,

The thinksun Team