Sun Care Tips For Keeping Toddlers UVP Protected

Sunscreen vs. The Strong-Willed Toddler

Yes Mama! This one is for you!!! We have all been there, we make a plan for the day that involves getting our kids outside to play. We have realized that fresh air is often the cure for many things but especially a toddler meltdown.

What stands in the way is usually around 3 feet tall and suddenly becomes lightning fast as soon as they've seen us break out a bottle of sunscreen.

Make Sunscreen Routine For Your Toddler

Without fail, applying sunscreen or buckling in a toddler into their car seat is high on the list of tasks that you wish to block out of your parenting memories. You are the expert when it comes to your toddler, but we would love to share some Team Think tips we have learned along the way.

1) Make it Routine

Sunscreen every day! Repeat, sunscreen every day! We know that the best prevention against sunburn, skin cancer and skin damage is to wear sunscreen daily.  The more we practice with our children and make applying sunscreen a part of our daily routine, the less resistance they will have to the application.

ThinkSport for Kids SPF 50 should be applied every 80 minutes and is water resistant, so you can rest assured your kids will be covered as they play. 

Reapply Toddler Sunscreen Often While Outside

2) Reapplication While Out 

Once the fun has begun, often the last thing your toddler wants to do is stop play to reapply their sunscreen. When it comes to reapplication, we love to include our kids in the process. At the start of play we set a sun timer and explain that when the timer goes off, it's time to lather up! This will help prepare your toddler for what's to come.

Next, we love the ThinkSport for Kids Sunscreen Stick, especially for reapplication! Our ThinkSport Sunscreen stick is quick to grab and glides on easy so your child can get back to play as soon as possible. Kids even love to apply this themselves as a fun activity and way to include the child for extra fun.

3) Not All Sunscreens are Created Equal

Choosing a formula that is easy to apply is a great place to start. We thoughtfully created our EWG Top rated Think Sun Care with parents in mind.

Our products are free of biologically harmful chemicals, are never tested on animals (leaping bunny member) and are lightweight and easy to apply without leaving your child’s skin feeling oily or sticky.

Think Sunscreen Rated Safe By Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Easy application equals less time rubbing in the product to make sure its fully absorbed.

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4) Distraction

“Mr. Sun, Sun… Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me” as sung by Raffi is one of our Team Think favorites! Distraction is a helpful tool in training our minds to shift focus to something more exciting. Singing to your child while applying SPF gives kids something to look forward to.

Sing Or Make a Fun Disctraction While Applying Toddler's Sunscreen

Pro Tip for ESPECIALLY squirmy little ones – We love to start with the arms, face, back and tummy and sometimes leave the legs and feet to when the child is secured into the car seat.

5) Share the Why

Part of human nature and curiosity is understanding the why behind actions. We take the time to explain to our babies and toddlers not to touch the stove because its “hot” or why to wash our hands after potty because of germs.

Help Kids Understand Why Sunscreen Is Important

Take a moment and share with your toddler why we put Think Sunscreen on each day and how we choose sun care that is good for the earth. Share with your kids what it means to be Reef Safe. Tell them about the great barrier reef and how we want to protect the turtles' homes by swimming in the ocean wearing sunscreen that cares for our earth and leaves our coral reef intact and free from damage caused by chemical sunscreens.

It seems like such a BIG concept but as we raise world changers our kids will grow to understand all the whys.

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In Conclusion...

Lastly, may the odds be ever in your favor! You should feel so proud of the parent that you are. On the happy days and in the hard moments, your Think Family stands beside you. You got this!


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