Non-Toxic Body Care Gift Set for Teens

Body Care Gifts for Your Tween or Teen

Non-Toxic Body Care Gift Set for Teens

He/She's not too old for bubble bath (and neither are you!). Paired with our natural deodorant and lightly scented body wash to encourage hygiene and self care habits.

Give your Teen/Tween the gift of safe, clean, body care and help them build healthier habits from an early stage. Featuring non-toxic body care essentials to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals in that critical stage of everyone's life. 


  • Non-Toxic Everyday Face Sunscreen
  • Aloe & Tea Leaves Body Wash
  • ThinkSport Bubble Bath
  • Thinker Lip Balm - Aloe & Coconut
  • Think Magnesium Deodorant - Pineapple & Coconut
  • ThinkSport After Sport Lotion