Co-Branding with Thinksport

For companies or organizations that seek safe and sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic bottles while promoting their brand, we offer our co-branding program where we add your logo/artwork to our super-insulated sport bottles. Hundreds of prominent companies, non-profits, small businesses, National Parks, and fitness studios have selected co-branded Thinksport bottles and have been thrilled with the results!

Why choose Thinksport?

Since 2006, we have been addressing the growing concern of harmful chemicals leaching from consumer products. Through our focus and expertise in material safety, sustainability and functionality, we successfully launched the first BPA-free baby bottle, the first BPA-free insulated sport bottle, and one of the top rated safe sunscreen lines. Our mission is simple…we will continue to target harmful products and develop safer alternatives. We have coined the term “thinkers” for those people who agree with and support our “safer products” mission. By choosing Thinksport, you’ll be co-branding with a purpose!

What makes Thinksport bottles better?

Our Thinksport bottles have been on the market for over seven years and enjoy a loyal following. All of our sport bottles are double-walled and vacuum-sealed stainless steel which makes them super-insulated. Our bottles keep contents ice cold for over 16 hours without sweating and are great for hot beverages like tea too. All of this functionality for about the same price as the other guys’ basic single-walled bottles. You can go to for more details. To get started please email us at . We’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.