Loving Our Earth – Happy Earth Month Thinkers!

Happy Earth Month from our Think Family to yours! We would love to help you and your family incorporate some earth friendly practices into your life this month. Here are a few easy ways to share our love for the earth with our kids and practice sustainable initiatives.


Teaching our kids to start small and dream big when it comes to conservation. Simple gestures like the “why” behind turning off a light switch when we leave the room can go a long way. Did you know that turning off the lights when you leave the room not only saves energy but also reduces carbon emission and other harmful greenhouse gases? Another fun way to conserve is to reduce water usage during bath time. Add in some Thinkbaby Bubble Bath to create some healthy bath time play!


We know recycling takes practice! A helpful practice to incorporate more recycling into our homes is purchasing less single use items and giving items that are sometimes deemed as single use a new purpose. Looking for a recycle symbol on personal care products is important in making changes in our homes that practice good recycling. Make it easy on yourself and add a small recycle bin under your sink so you can easily choose and practice recycling. We are proud to say, all Think products are made of recyclable materials. Happy Recycling!


When you find yourself at the store making purchases, pause and think of our planet. Look for products that are EWG verified. Not all products are created with you or the earth in mind. Choosing products that are EWG verified not only benefit your personal health, but they also benefit the earth. Harsh products can contain chemical components that don’t break down but instead accumulate in our ecosystem.

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