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Odor Protection with Cleaner, Safer Ingredients

Choose from non-toxic deodorants with baking soda or magnesium and charcoal. All Think deodorants are aluminum free, paraben free and EWG rated.

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Think's Deodorant scents are genderless; choose to smell however you like.
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ThinkSport Natural Deodorant Reviews

Feels Natural AND keeps my pits at bay

"I have a 15 minute bicycle commute every morning, my pits get stinky easily and I find certain deodorants to be irritating. This is the ONLY deodorant that covers all bases for me as a product and the company is both health and environmentally conscious. As a bonus, I really like this scent."

By Dre, Winnipeg 

Love. Boutght 3 times!

"I have tried so many toxic free deodorants. This is by FAR my favorite. I've tried roll on's, creams, solids, sprays from so many brands. THINKSport is by far superior and I love its EWG approved. Unscented is my favorite. Most brands gave me a painful rash! "

By Michelle R

Best deodorant I've Tried!

"I have been trying and hunting for natural deodorants for years. I have tried everything... None of them stay on and last as long as this one. This one lasts even after I take a swim, it has human-readbale ingredients with 0-10 rating next to each one, and IT WORKS! Trust me, it smells great and lasts longer than any other natural deodorant I have tried."

By Sven 

Shopping for Natural Deodorant?

Most brands will tell you their product is the cleanest, safest option out there but how are they backing up those claims? 

You may be surprised to learn that cosmetics and personal products aren’t as heavily regulated by the federal government as you would think. This means that potentially toxic ingredients can end up in products you use daily, even from some of most known and popular brands in the industry.

That’s why we recommend comparing your deodorant options on EWG’s Skin Deep® to ensure you’re choosing the safest product. EWG’s Skin Deep® is a cosmetics database that rates products based on potential hazards and health concerns. See below how Thinksport’s natural deodorant compares to other similar brands.

Compare ThinkSport to Other Natural Brands

ThinkSport Deodorant Other Natural Brands

EWG Skin Deep Score 

EWG Verified to 1 Rating 

EWG Verified to 3 Rating 



Free of Phthalates 

No Artificial Fragrance

Unscented or
Natural Oils & Extracts

Over 75% of products listing
"fragrance" ingredients
contained phthalates*

No Propylene Glycol 





Made in the USA 




$ - $$


Can Deodorant Fragrances Irritate Your Skin?

Even fragrances made from natural oils or essences can potentially be irritating for those with certain allergies or sensitivities. This is not to say all scented products are bad, but rather that you should be aware of how products get their smell and how such ingredients may impact your skin and health. Some especially sensitive skin types may prefer to use odor protection without fragrance.

Unlike other fragrance free natural deodorants, Thinksport Unscented Natural Deodorant is EWG-Verified, the highest rating awarded for ingredient safety.